Four new ep's from DBS crew and a long player.

The long player has links and info above, unlimited gravity, MIG, MHSM, DBS, reppin. We also have two new ep's from the plastic sould supply fam. Cacheflowe has an ep with Brer Rabbit of flobots, with a stellar remix from crissy murderbot.

check the steez, purchase, etc. HERE YO

YAY also has a split ep with scaffolding that you can check RIGHT HERE. also, hes got a song on the tympanik audio compilation that can be inspected rigggggght HERE. Expect a long player from him off the same label later this year! I've listened to it, it's goooooood.

hold the grugz please
Last but not least our serving president has got a two new self released ep's, "sex, drugs, and bass" and "chill works vol. 2" both can be copped off his bandcamp. which is located HERE.

DBS.....doin work.

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